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M'kay. So. My names Kassie, obviously. I'm 19, 5'3 and weigh 105(if I'm lucky) pounds, and I currently have three horses. I'll introduce them later. I mainly ride western, although I do have a very, very slight interest in english riding. I may not be the best at it, but I do enjoy it, which is all I need. i actually went to my first english show this year, and did quite well on a 3 year old pony. Anyway, more about me. I specifically barrel race, and show with the Eastern Pennsylvania Gymkhana Association. It's a small club that holds 7 shows a year, two of which are fun shows(the first and last) and the rest are "pointed". The points count towards the end of the year, and we have a banquet which is actually quite lovely. Last year was my first year placing Grand Champion in the Trophy Division with my mare Annie, and I won a beautiful(I think so, anyway) saddle. This year will be my second year. Next year I plan on running the Money Division(kind of like a 3-d type thing). Aside from my horses, I have two dogs, two cats, and a boyfriend. I love him to pieces, and we have been together for two years. Now to meet my ponehs: Magic - She is a 10.2hh solid black Shetland mare that my grandmother bought when I was six and she was three. I learned to ride on her, and I "trained" her, since I was the only one little enough to get on her at the time. And when I was nine, my dad gave me the $200 to buy her for my birthday. I ran her in the EPGA shows up until I was twelve, then I had to switch to Annie. Magic will forever be the very first love of my life, and I would die if anything happened to her. Annie- Annie is a 16 year old, 14.1hh paint mare. She was purchased by my grandmother when I was 11. I was pissed, because she traded my absolute favorite horse(Besides the pony!), Freckles for her. He was a flea bitten grey Arabian and was the first horse I ever trail rode on. I wanted to buy him.Then she goes and trades him for this crazy paint with a blue eye. I hated this mare with a BURNING passion. Then when I was 12 and outgrew my pony, Nanny said if I wanted to continue showing I had to ride Annie. I agreed, because I wanted to show still. We didn't get along at first, and our first show together was a disaster. She spooked at a RIBBON, reared, and fell with me. We were shaken up, but okay. It took a few months for us to get along. Within a year or so I fell in love. Then, when I was fourteen I began paying her off. Just after my sixteenth birthday, I finally made my last payment. I love this mare. She is a psychotic, bitchy, leavemethefuckalone type of mare. But she loves me. And I would never sell her for the world. Chopper- This boy is a 2 year old soon to be registered(and gelded) Appaloosa colt. Nanny got him last May(ish), after taking two ponies back to the "dealer" because they just didn't click with us. She went there intending to get her money back(a whole $500), and saw this guy. He was a skinny, sickly, wormy, gross excuse for a yearling. Within a few months I quickly fell in love with him, and am now in the process of buying him and breaking him. He has done wonderfully so far, even though I haven't asked very much of him. The past eighteen months of love and care have turned him into a very handsome boy. In the future I hope to start him with EPGA, and work our way up to ApHC shows in barrels and poles. A girl sure can dream. So that's me and my horses, hope you enjoyed =]

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